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How much loft can you have on a golf fairway wood? The easy answer to this is pretty much as much as you want. Manufacturers out there will make the most lofted fairway woods you can handle, so therefore eradicate any irons that you have. The general consensus for fairway wood is normally just three wood and five wood, and its bit of a shame really because a lot of golfers could benefit from having a seven wood or a nine wood or even higher than that, you know 11, 13. Generally fairway woods go alternate numbers, we just use the odd numbers, very rarely use the even numbers. So the more loft you have, the higher the ball goes, the shorter it goes. Therefore you are eradicating the need for irons. So we see some golfers that almost have a mental block over irons, they just don’t like the look of them, the shape of them; the feel of them. They would much rather look down a bigger, more bulbous head. So we are seeing that these sort of peliferations of more lofted fairway woods or more lofted hybrid clubs for people in their game. And people would much rather stand there 150, 160 yards out with a hybrid or a fairway wood than with a six iron or five iron. Then you think, well how about from 100 yards out? I don’t really like that nine iron or the eight iron that I have to use, but I do like the look and the feel of these. And because it’s a bigger head on the fairway wood, and because its more wedged, low and deep and because often it’s a graphite shaft as opposed to a steel shaft, that fairway wood can provide a lot more confidence when its sitting behind the golf ball. You find golfers will just make gentle swings, pop the ball in behind the club and off it goes. And it goes a lot further than your long irons would have done, and it goes a lot straighter than your long irons would have done. And it even goes a lot higher and stops a little bit quicker. So if you are really keen to investigate having lofted clubs in your bag; lofted fairway woods, check out the range of golf clubs that Thomas Golf make. And you will find a fairway wood or a hybrid club that will definitely be able to replace your long and mid irons and give you more confidence from the fairway.