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During chipping and during pitching, and generally the short game as a whole, focusing more on the hands and the arms can give a big benefit to the overall results of a shot. When you're hitting full powerful shots with the driver or with the irons there's a lot more body rotation involved. The shoulders are turning more, the hips are rotating more, the club head's speed is increased exponentially as you get up to the driver. With the sure shots it's all about controllers, all about finesse. And using finesse shots really does require a good understanding of what the hands and what the arms are doing throughout the point of impact. For example, all I want to do on this shot is hit just a little 25-yard chip, just out of these first flats. Now I can do that just by getting my hands and my arms in a position where that club shaft is leaning forward of the ball, moving my arms back very slowly, and moving my arms through, and just getting it out to that short distance.

I cannot do that if I focus on big body turns. So getting setup, turning my body back, turning my body through, trying to control the amount of distance using the big powerful muscles there is difficult. Now the shoulders, the body, the hips, all these things do have a role to play. But being able to understand how the hands and arms work throughout the shot, being able to understand how the risks hinge and how they affect angle of attack and strike are very, very important. And that's what we're really going to have an in depth look at here, as to how to use those hands and arms a little bit better.