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Bob Charles is golfer from New Zealand. He became the first left-handed player to win a major championship at the 1963 Open. He's also one of the rare players who managed to break his age, when he played the tournament as a 71-year-old under his age twice in that tournament. Now, Bob Charles had a very, very, very repeatable golf swing, with a couple of unique features going on there.

He's have a very wide turn very extended arms and then a very upright downswing. Now by that, the club he use to go very, very wide on the backswing become quite upright, but on the downswing also stay upright. Now many professional golfers actually reroute the golf club if they're a little bit wide down onto an inside path, but Bob Charles kept it coming down on a very upright plane and mostly hit a bit of a fade. But he is very, very consistent and lasted him all his playing career.

So he's going upright and wide, bringing it down on upright plane and extending the arms upwards and hitting down that little fade. So as he swing, it was a technique that work for Bob Charles. I've said the first left-handed to win a major until Phil Mickelson. So this obviously works for him. If you want to give it a go, then please give it a go. Nice and upright, nice and extended, and it will cause that little bit of a fad.