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Now a hybrid golf club most people have seen these, now most people have probably got one of these in their bag and they’re a very versatile club. We can use them on par threes, off the fairway on par fours, second shots into par fives. But we can also use these clubs when we get right round the side of the green, little bump and run shots, little chip shots. And then sometimes it feels quite strange to be busing such a long golf club from so close to the green but it’s quite important that if we are to play a bump and run shot with a hybrid club we adapt our technique a little bit. The technique to hit a full hybrid shot has this big wide stance, this big step away from the golf ball on a full grip and I’m certainly setup there to produce a lot of power. But maybe not the level of control and accuracy I would like to chip the ball from around the side of the green. So if you’re going to chip and bump and run this one from the side of the green I’m actually going to adapt a technique that looks very similar to my putting stroke. Narrow stance, weigh down on the club, and actually have the hands quite high. So the club face sits right upon its toe, then have a rocking action, just rocking backwards and forwards.

You can see the leg action is not involved in that. There’s no big follow through with that swing either. But the putting action would control the club nicely; give me nice control of the line, and also the distance and speed of the shot so I’m narrow, my hands are high, and it’s a rocking action, backwards and forwards. Now the benefits of using the hybrid golf club from here is as I chip the ball forwards it just lifts the ball at first few feet. So here it lifts the ball out over the edge of the mat, over the edge of the bay, and out onto the driving range. If I was playing that shot on the golf course, where it’s quite nice that it gets the ball over the fringe, lands it on the green, and trickles it down towards the flag. So it’s narrow stance, high hands, little bumper and run with a putting stroke idea, and it will just lift the ball forwards and deliver it onto the green. It’s well worth practicing using your hybrid clubs to chip from around the green.