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Now, I think we all know there is probably nothing worse than actually going out and playing in the rain and it takes a certain type of character to set off playing in the rain. But what happens if you are half way around the golf course and the heavens open and you are on to a good score. Certainly you are trying to protect that you are handicap, the best round, maybe even a course record, against the elements. The rain is coming down, your grips are getting wet, your gloves are getting wet and all you have got to protect yourself on that score and that round is a tiny little towel hanging on the edge of your golf bag flapping around. But that’s the only thing that you’ve got in the entire world to keep yourself dry with. Well this is where amateurs and club golfers and professionals differ. First things first you see the size of my towel; I mean that is a beach towel. My towel at home is smaller than that.

So, I have got a great big towel to start with. So, if I need to dry my clubs or dry my grips or dry my hands I can do that straight way on that nice big towel. But the problem with that one, it’s hanging on the outside of the bag so undoubtedly it’s going to get wet at some point. But the secret is then most good players will have another towel. Will all carry spare towel or an old towel in the bottom of our bag because there is nothing better than after a few holes of wiping your hands on this wet towel, your [Inaudible] [0:01:24] getting wet, your hands are getting wet . Now, the towel has started to get wet, you pop that one away, you pull out the fresh clean dry one and it might give you another three or four holes of dry grips and dry hands.

As the rain comes lashing down and every one else is getting wetter and wetter your extra old towel that was in the bottom of the bag can certainly be the difference between a double, double boggy finish or a power, power finish . And that power, power finish might be the thing that keeps the course record. Keeps the handicap coming down and keeps improving your score. So something as simple as having a second towel just stuck in the bottom of your bag for those emergency times when the weather turns on you. That might save you a couple of shots on your next round.