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The concept that “All Golf Shots are Equal”, might seem a bit foreign to some people, you know we often talk of a big shot or a crucial shot or a pressurized shot or an important shot. But actually when you look at your scorecard at the end and it says, 90 on it, it doesn’t say 90 plus that really big drive, or pull us that really good long chip shot. It just says 90 that’s all we know, you took 90 hits of the ball whether that was tee shots, chips, putts whatever it just boils down to the one score.

So when we are out in the golf course, it’s quite important that we try and treat every golf shot equal. This can work from the idea that we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. If we know that the 18 tee shots are pressurized shot, we got to go over wall, we have got to lead it on the narrow fairway then we have got to setup a shot in front of the club as on to the green. The chances are that we put too much pressure on that shot and then we struggle to execute under pressure. You might feel as well at the end when you look back at your scorecard, you look it and think, well I am messed up today because I am messed up the 18th, little do you remember that you three putted the first, the second and the third which count for more than that messed up tee shots in 18.

So understand the concept that every golf shot is counted equally, created equally and counted equally on the scorecard, there are no big shots then hopefully when you play, you sort of move the pressure, move the stress out of those certain key holes and just position a little bit of pressure on every hole because of course sometimes when you feel like there is no pressure, that actually makes a dip in performance as well. If you walk up to a 5 footer well I have got this for par, this one isn't really my, I will not waste one and suddenly we have missed it. Because if you got that 5 foot of a birdie, I bet you take more time reading those, don’t you, you know 5- foot for birdie, you will be down on your hands and knees looking for see which way it breaks, which way it moves, 5-foot of the boogie you walk up chop it and it misses. That one cost you exactly the same as the 5-foot par birdie putt does.

So try not to think of the golf game as having pits and troughs and big shots and little shots and important ones and less important ones, every shot counts exactly the same on the scorecard and if you can get that right, I think you will play with a more even head when you feel you can take your range game onto the golf course, with a big more success.