Video Series

Video Transcript

During this next little mini series of videos, we’re going to be looking at posture and how your golf posture can be related to how well you can play the game of golf. And again when we look at the best players in the world on TV, one common theme that we see, one thread that we see through most of those players as they stand to the golf player in a very athletic position with quite good posture. Now the reality for lot of club golfers who play golf maybe once a week and for the rest of the time they’re doing other things is that posture can suffer because of everyday life. So we look at the way we live our lives. Now we often live our lives you know driving cars in bad posture, working at a desk in bad posture, even curled up sleeping in bed in bad posture.

You know tall pros that may be working a lot harder in terms of exercising in the gym and understanding how important posture is to stand up tall and open their shoulders up and it’s definitely something I feel, I suffer from personally being quite tall, I tend to slash down a little bit and get down too low. So I’m forever reminding myself but I’m trying to teach you when I’m actually playing to open up my own posture, get my shoulders back and stand tall. Thankfully because I have decent posture in my golf swing, I guess I look myself in the mirror and on the camera quite often to check my golf swing. Probably the best posture I ever have in any day is actually when I’m hitting golf shots. So I stand over the golf ball, suddenly I find myself I’ve got my best posture. I’d probably put my golf club down; sit back at the desk and then slash forwards again. So it is possible to improve your standard everyday posture and improve your golf posture, try and improve both at the same time. But in this next little mini series, let’s look at how important posture is to the golf swing and how you can improve yourself.