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There’s still a big debate in golf for the moment over whether Tiger Woods is the best we've ever seen or Jack Nicklaus is the best we've ever seen. I’ve only been sort of fortunate enough to live through Tiger's era. I’ve seen a little bit of Jack winning tournaments. I think I was sort of conscious of him when his last major championship when he was 46, the last of 18 major championships and really until Tiger beats that record and gets to 18 major championships, I think Tiger's 14 would still be overshadowed by Jack's 18.

While we look at Jack, what can we learn from him? What can golfers learn that he did well? Well, when you watch the old videos of Nicklaus, there’s not a great deal within his swing that would encourage the average golfer to copy. Particularly his putting and his driving were sometimes sort of not the most textbook and certainly when you're looking at books to buy off the shelves, Jack's book, Golf My Way didn’t really tell you a great deal of stuff that you could take on board and take to the driving range and work on. Nicklaus always sets up the golf ball very powerful position. Then the flying right elbow kind of came away from his body. He dropped the golf club back in there. I see so many golfers with a flying right elbow that never really managed to recover from that disconnection between their elbow and their body and they get all sorts of bad positions down into the golf ball. Then when you look at Nicklaus' other aspects of his game, his short game wasn’t that good although his putting was very good under pressure and he held a lot of clinch putts a whole lot to close out major tournaments. His putting and his posture really not the best we saw him ride over the top of golf ball, even lower down than I am here right over the ball so not a great deal of technical stuff you can take from there. But in terms of a competitor, in terms of his fight and in terms of his spirit, he was a master tactician around the golf course. He’d take on shots that people wouldn’t dare take on. In terms of that side of things, the book Golf My Way by Nicklaus is real sort of good book to have on your bookshelf. Don’t take all the tuition stuff out of it but in terms of the mindset of a golfer and how you can use your technique to the most efficient way that you can play the game it's certainly a great read.