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There's undoubtedly occasions when golfers go on the course with too many swing thoughts in their head that have had either too many thoughts about their technique or too many thoughts about the golf course that they're going to play, and actually they just need to clear all that clutter away, and just go out and just go really simply at it on the golf course. So here's five simple swing thoughts that I hope will help you on the course.

When you setup to the ball, just say to yourself back off the ball that's what I'm going to hit, back off the ball. I'm just going to focus on striking that. We often get complicated with that swings and we forget back off the ball that's what I'm going to hit at, so that's thought number one. Next time you go and play, play nine holes, just thinking back of the ball. Another swing thought I think can help people is the concept that they should go through the ball not to the ball. If you focus on just hitting and stopping there's no follow through. There's no fluidity to the action so work on going through that golf ball right the way through it, so through it or not to it.

The next thing what you need to think about is taking the club back low and slow and this is the talk about the backs when how we talk about moving the club away. We don’t want the club to get jerking quickly. We want the club to come away nice and low and slow in the backswing, so the first three feet will set the rhythm for the rest of the swing slow and low and then it gets quick into the swing so if you feel that you get a bit anxious with your swinging too quick, low and slow is the way.

Now, here's a great tip for your rhythm. If you feel that you're very fasting, you'll swing and you're a bit jerking your action particularly when you get under pressure, you could say to yourself Strawberry Mousse. Now bear with me with strawberry mousse. Strawberry is three syllables. Mousse is one syllable. Strawberry mousse 3:1, this is the ratio of timing of your swing so we're strawberry mousse. And that keeps my rhythm and the speed of my swing really under control. It starts me getting quick and too fast.

The next thing we want to do is just simply find the ball, see it and hit it. So when you walk up to the golf ball, you think there's my ball, there's my target over there, I'm going to see the ball, I'm going to hit the ball, little practice swing, see it flying onto the green, walk up, see the ball and hit the ball, and it don’t actually take too long, stood over the golf ball, freezing and thinking too many different technical swing thoughts. So, this five really simple exercises that for you. What I think you should do is take one of those thoughts the nine holes and just see which one works for you, to de-clutter your mind to folks on the nice simplistic aspect of striking the golf ball well, and see which ones benefits your golf scores.