You can improve your putting through proper use of your eyes during each stage of the process. Here’s how:

    Golf Putting


  • At address, the eyes should be directly over the golf ball and target line, or just inside it. 
  • To help position your eyes over the ball, most putter heads have a top surface split into two separate elevations, with an indicator placed on each elevation. When used correctly, this mechanism ensures your eyes are directly over the ball. If your head/eyes drift outside or inside the ball, the putter’s bi-level alignment indicators will no longer match up. 
  • The stroke

  • Keep your eyes on the ball and over the target line throughout the stroke. 
  • After contact 

  • After contact, focus on the grass that was under the ball. You’re not going to improve the putt by watching it roll, so don’t be in a rush to look up. 
  • Once the ball is long gone, swivel your head down the target line rather than lifting it. Rising up prematurely will change your spine angle and move your head off the target line.
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