master fast golf green putt

Most of us don’t face golf greens of PGA Tour speed very often. When we do, it’s important to make a few adjustments to our putting technique.

First, a word about green speed. A Stimpmeter is a device that measures how far a ball will roll (in feet) on a flat surface. Most courses feature Stimpmeter readings of 8-8.5 feet. On tour, however, the number is typically 11-12 feet – and sometimes upward of 14.

If you find yourself on faster-than-usual golf greens, try these tips:

• Lighten your grip: This will give you better feel, a lighter touch, and improved control. Sam Snead advised holding the putter like a small bird – just firm enough to keep it from escaping, but not firm enough to hurt it.

• Play more break: The faster the green, the more a putt will break.

• Contact the ball toward the toe on downhill putts: Hitting the ball slightly off-center has a deadening effect, so ultra-fast putts won’t get away from you.

• Don’t get tentative: The natural tendency on fast greens is to slow down the stroke, which causes deceleration and off-line putts. Focus on making a shorter stroke with your normal pace, accelerating through impact.

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