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part 2 putting 1

Like the full swing, stance and posture are crucial building blocks of a sound putting stroke. Follow these simple steps to a proper setup:

  • Stand behind the ball and draw an imaginary line between the ball and the hole (for a straight putt) or the point where you want the ball to start (breaking putt). 

  • After stepping into putting position with your feet together, place the putter behind the ball with the face aimed at the target. Now take your putting grip.

  • Spread your feet so that the outside edges of your shoes are shoulder-width apart. part 2 putting 4You can go a little wider or a little narrower, if that's more comfortable.

  • Ideally, the hips, heels and knees should be parallel to the target line. This is a square setup. 

  • The eyes should be directly over or just inside the ball; the hands directly below the shoulders; the forearms and putter shaft forming a straight line to the ball (as viewed from behind, facing the target); the hands should be very slightly ahead of the ball (similar to an iron shot).

  • For more information on Thomas Golf Putters:

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