Best Technique For Golf Putting 1

The technique for putting is very important.

Golfers very often underestimate the technique for putting as they practice their driving technique for the majority of the time they practice. Putting normally equates to about 40% of the overall shots played in a round of golf. When working on putting technique, the face angle at impact is the most important factor. The club face has roughly 85% influence on the direction the golf ball starts in. Making sure the face angle at impact is square is vital. To improve the face angle at impact, the golf grip has to be correct. The most common grip is the reverse overlap and here are the instructions to achieve this.

Key tip - Make sure the grip is straight to the club face and when you take hold of the club, maintain the square position of the club face.

  • Place the hand closest to the target on the top of the grip with the palm facing the side of the grip and the back of your hand facing the target. Place your thumb down the centre of the putter grip which normally has a flat front to the grip. From there, hold the club in the fingers, not dissimilar to the normal grip, and place the hand on the side of the grip. As a check point, you should see your thumb is straight down the middle of the grip.
  • The bottom hand is placed below the other hand nearer to the bottom of the grip. The fingers wrap around the club and the thumb of this hand is placed on the top of the grip in a straight line down the front.
  • Bring both hands close together so that the top hand's thumb is covered by the bottom hand's pad near the thumb.
  • The top hand's index finger is placed down the side of the fingers on the bottom hand so that you can see the index finger of the top hand closest to the target.
  • You can also try placing your bottom hand index finger down the side of the golf club for control.
  • Keep the hands relaxed and tension free. Aim to hold the golf club at about a 5 out of 10 grip pressure.

The path of the putter is naturally very important. The swing path can be straight back and straight through or have a slight arc to the stroke. There is no correct path, however the important thing is you can repeat the path over and over again. Find a stroke that works for you and suits your style and putter and stick to it.

Ball position - To promote the best possible ball roll, the stroke must be smooth and slightly upward hitting on the golf ball. To help to hit slightly on the way up, the golf ball should be placed just in front of the middle of your stance. From that position, aim to slightly press the hands forward at address to keep the putter face square at impact.

Keep the body quiet - Aim to keep the lower body very still and quiet. Make sure the action just comes from the shoulders rocking and reduce the wrist flick at impact.

Top tip - 'Listen to the golf ball drop in rather than watch it miss'. Keep your head still as the ball travel towards the target.