Putting Under Pressure

Most golfers have an easier time getting the ball from tee to green, but getting their scores lower comes down to the number of putts. Here're some tips to help you putt better, especially when under pressure:

• Have a good routine entrained in your mind. You'll be surprised how well it can carry you through those high-pressure situations.

• Tireless dedication to practice will train muscle memory to help your stroke hold up under pressure.

• To be a consistent putter under pressure, always remember to keep your head still.

• For most golfers, having wrist movement in your putting stroke is a style that will not hold up well under pressure because the extra moving parts of the wrist require more coordination and timing. Wrist movement reduces control of distance and direction during the stroke, often causing those 3-4 foot putts to be missed when under pressure. Try instead to develop a big muscle pendulum stroke (shoulders, and arms moving together in a rocking motion), which will hold up much better under pressure.

• Select a putter that looks good to your eye. This will give you more confidence when facing the pressures of putting.

• Select a custom putter that fits you properly. This will help your muscles to be relaxed and without tension before the stroke.

• There are at least 3 different putter styles to choose:  traditional, mid-length (belly), and long. Select the putter style that gives you the most confidence, stability and helps you relax under pressure.

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