putting two tier approach

While no putting green is perfectly flat, some feature split levels, called tiers. These usually come in the form of two-tiered greens, but you’ll occasionally encounter a green with three distinct levels.

Multi-tiered greens can be intimidating when putting from one tier to another. The slope that divides tiers can be several inches to as much as two feet or higher, complicating the task of getting the proper speed.

When putting from one level to another, the primary goal is to get ball onto the tier where the hole is located. Fail this and you’ll face the same difficulty on the next attempt, and have a tough time two-putting. Therefore, speed is more important than line.

Approach uphill putts on two-tiered greens with these thoughts: 

  • Pick a spot that’s a foot or two onto the top tier and get a feel for how hard you must hit the ball to reach it.
  • putting two tier taking putt

  • Add the amount of hit needed to get from the spot to the hole. 

  • When putting to a lower tier: 

  • The ball should reach the dividing slope with just enough speed to topple over it, as the ball will gain considerable speed when rolling down the slope.

  • To make sure you reach the lower level, hit the ball a little harder than you think is necessary to reach the edge of the dividing slope.

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