how to play double breaking putts 1

Gauging a putt’s break is one of golf’s most delicate tasks. What do you do when a putt breaks not once, but twice?

It’s not uncommon to face a putt that breaks left, then right (or vice versa) on courses with large, undulating greens. And it can prove downright baffling if you don’t know how to approach a double-breaker.

Actually, it’s quite simple when you, well, break it down. Just divide the putt into two halves –part one is the area from your ball to the end of the first break; part two turns in the opposite direction and covers the remaining portion all the way to the hole.

how to play double breaking putts 2

Any time you’ve got an obvious double-breaker:

  • Crouch behind the hole and read the green from the cup to the point where the second break starts.
  • Next, read the first part of the putt from behind your ball to determine the line between the ball and the spot you identified as the starting point of the second break.
  • Picture a hole at the junction of the first and second breaks, and stroke the putt to reach the imaginary cup. Remember, the putt must reach the end of part one with enough pace to reach the hole following the line of part two.

Double-breaking putts aren’t so bad if you treat them as two putts in one. In fact, the challenge can be pretty fun with the proper mindset.