putting style chip 1

Here’s the situation: Your ball lies a yard or two off the green, with the pin no more than 20 feet away but straight downhill, and a very fast surface to contend with. You could chip, you could putt – or you could use a combo shot called the chip-putt. 

The chip-putt lands the ball softly, just on the green, allowing it to trickle slowly toward the hole. Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Take a lofted club, anywhere from an 8-iron to a lob wedge depending on the distance.
  • Grip down a little and address the ball using your putting stance, grip and arm position. The club should be slightly more vertical than for a normal chip, the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Here’s the key: address and hit the ball toward the toe of the club, which will deaden impact and help land it softly.
  • Use your putting stroke to brush through the ball with a descending stroke (don’t try to lift or scoop it into the air). 

This method can take the fear out of swift, downhill chips, and keep you from stabbing the ball several feet past the hole.

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