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One move which is a real killer to produce power during the actual through swing, is a problem a lot of left handed golfers face, when they swing away from the ball. So as I swing away, they all – a lot of players will actually tend to sway quite a long way onto the left hand side, so the weight moves quite a long way away from the ball. Now the issue with that, is a lot of wasted energy has been transferred away from the ball, and a lot more energy needs to be wasted getting back to the impact position. So an easy way to increase power, is to reduce backswing sway onto this left hand side. Now, there are a couple of ways to do it; if you just want to swing, all the way back and then just trying to keep your weight in your spine angle, dead straight, dead – kind of perpendicular with the ground as you take it away, so now allow yourself to sway over there.

But a nice way to actually get the feeling is if you are on a range, like on a grass range say, or if you are on like a mat laid that’s just to get a box or a bag, and just to place something just outside your left heel here. So if you turn back and sway, you’ll nudge into it like that. So if I just do a demo, back and sway, I’ll nudge into the stick or the bag or the box; whatever you want to use, you’ll know instantly that you’ve swayed away from the ball. So use that drill and then while you play and then just concentrate on keeping your sternum straight over the top of the ball. And if you manage to do that, there’s no wasted energy going back and there’s no energy being wasted coming through. Just turning those shoulders just around your spine kicking over the ball and then strike in turning down it through; it’s the most energy efficient way to swing and it will produce more power and more consistency all throughout the back.