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Video Transcript

If you watch from the longest drives of the ball, either your club or on tour, you’ll often going to find that they’re here to draw. So something that starts from the left hand side of the target it draws around to the right and has a little bit of role after actually lunch. Now to hit a draw it’s probably one of the most difficult shots to hit, if you’re hitting on naturally then fantastic but for most left handed golfers is normally a fade. So coming from out to him with an open club face just taking a little bit of possible distance off and just kind of bringing it back down the fairway more towards you. So if you want to increase that a little but more distance is easier to do so with a draw.

So it’s easy to do so with a draw but it’s not so easy to actually implement straightly into your swing game, straight into your game. Well the first things that you might want to change is just the way you actually grip your club. So what you want to be seeing is just your right handle a little bit more on top just so you’re looking down and seeing about three nickels with your left hand you want to be looking down and only seeing the one nickel. That will strengthen your grip it will also strength the club face through impact not having any loft and will also help you keep the club face a little more square to the target.

Now the second thing that you need to having in tandem with that is a good swing path, you need something coming from the inside extending the club out to the left of the target. Now again that’s not easy to do and it will take a little bit of practice, but just by strengthening the grip, swinging a little bit more from an inside path and really releasing the club. So again there’s four arms crossing over each other through the impact area to really release and to really get the maximum out of draw that you can. So you get a good sole you set your ball just forward, a little bit of a stronger grip on the club, a little bit stronger than a natural grip, a nice solid set up and then a swing from in to out and really release those hands through.

And just by adding that that a little bit of draw it will just increase the overall amounts of distance achievable. So get out a go and hopefully you’ll see that little bit of an increase and that little bit of a push, just because you’re playing.