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Now if you ever watch golf on TV late at night, you'll see that often, they use this flights scope or tracker system where the best players in the world tee off. And this little box sits behind them and it pictures the ball flying out there and shows you what that shape of shot looks like on the TV. Very rarely, do you ever actually see that ball fly dead straight? It normally has a big arching curve on to it. Now you might think that when you've hit a ball with an arch or a curve to it, that's generally going to result in a bad shot. But you see Bubba Watson on the tally as the left hander that hits the golf ball were he's has this massive big curve to it. And then it lands and it lands in the middle of the fairway. Well how's he doing that? And more importantly why is he doing that?

Well often the better players try to shape the ball with a draw or a fade, not a slice or a hook but a draw or a fade. And they're doing this to maximize the chance of landing on the fairway. A lot of golf holders, you'll be aware aren’t that straight. They will have a shape or a curve to them. Now if you can get your ball flight to match the curve or the shape of the hole, the ball will travel and run it down the length of the hole a little bit more. Rather than if it was swinging the opposite direction to the hole, the ball would crush the hole and the fairway effectively placed to be a lot narrower. So when you're getting the -- when you're getting good at the game of golf and you can hit the ball relatively straight on command, you can then start to investigate the possibilities of hitting draws or fades. To widen out the fairways and to avoid the trouble. It works on the very similar principle when you're playing into a green. That if you've got a green that's maybe covered by water on one side. If you could draw the ball in around the water rather than fading it in over the water, it just maximizes your chance of staying away from the danger and keeping the ball in play. Just be weary that this is a tip more for the better golfer who has a good understanding of a straight ball flight and can hit the ball straight. But then once you're just trying to maximize their ability to draw or fade the ball into fairways and into greens to get the ball closer to the pin to improve their scores.