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If we are now in an understanding position of why it’s important to learn how to draw the golf ball and how that draw shot is created becomes the next question that we need to answer. So when we see a golfer shape the ball from right to left, there is nothing magical going on in their swing, it’s exactly the same physics that probably creates the ball going from left to right that you have got in your game, that’s plaguing you.

So if you are standing over the golf ball and the ball is going left to right we need to understand why that’s happening, reverse it and we can understand how to draw the ball. So when draw shot is created when there is a difference between the path of the swing and the clubface. So the path of the swing is the direction that club is traveling and the clubface is the direction that the club is actually aiming at the point of impact and that’s how the ball curves be it fade or drill.

A drill is created when the swing path is to the right of the intended target, so my intended target down I have got a red flag and that’s where I am going to aim with my body. If my swing direction is to the right of that, and the clubface is to the left of that swing path, the ball will have to a lesser to a greater degree, some drill spin, the ball will be curving from right to left in the air. We don’t necessarily call it side spin because the ball is not really spinning sideways, it’s sort of spinning on an axis but it’s an axis that tilts like I said, an airplane wings, this way and it will curve from right to left. And likewise a fade would be the opposite or that slice would be the opposite of that, a slice is where the swing path is down the left hand side and the face is somewhat open to that swing direction and the ball spins, but it spins in the opposite direction.

So for golfer that’s trying to drill the golf ball would like to setup everything nicely down the middle, generate a swing direction that goes more to the right and the clubface that goes more to the left and if we are able to achieve that, we will get the ball curving from somewhat right to left. And then it’s about controlling the amount of that curvature and where about the ball sets off, there is no point having a ball curving from right to left if it finishes in the left-hand bunker, likewise there is no point having a ball that curves right to left but sets off so far right that it finishes up in the right hand bunker. So it’s all about degrees of control but the basic understanding of how that ball curves is a swing path that’s out to the right, a club face that’s somewhat left of that, and the golf swing that keeps moving and commits all the way through to make sure we get great contact on the ball. And that’s the basic premise of how to draw the golf ball.