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Video Transcript

Here’s a couple of extra pointers in order to try and get the ball to travel as far as possible when you are hitting your tee shots. And these are things that are a little bit beyond the sort of standard, traditional technical side of your golf swing. One of the first issues is actually teeing the ball up nice and high. For some golfers we see them scared to get the ball teed up above the top of the clubface. But actually we’d want to have the ball teed up above the top of the clubface. Ideally if I’ve got my equator at the black line here, I want half of that above the top of the golf club. That's going to allow the ball to be struck on a rising arc, so a club that’s rising up.

The club doesn't have to hit the ground in that sense. The ball can be hit above the equator of the golf club as well. So as I tee the ball up quite high here, you can see half the ball above the top. Then when I strike the floor or strike the ball, I'm not going to strike the floor but I'm going to still hit the ball in the upper portion of the club. So a nice high tee will help you carry the ball as far as possible. You probably wouldn't have the tee peg that high for any other shot. So particularly when you are swinging with your driver, the high tee peg can look a bit odd to you, but it's going to give you the best results with your big driver tee shots.

The other things we look is nice and committed. There's no point taking a driver, trying to hit the ball hard and then chickening out at the last second and trying to steer it down the fairway with a little poke. If we're taking the driver, tee the ball up, stand there and give it a decent bit of a rip. Well there's no point just steering it down there at the last second. Another point kind of related to that is try and stay relaxed. We see a lot of golfers that are so tight and so tense. They are so determined to hit the ball so hard, they get very tense in their swings and they don't really relax.

And anyone, any time you're tense you know you don't move freely. If I am squeezing the golf club too tightly, I get very stiff with my hands and my arms. So I want to be nice and soft, nice and relaxed. That way I can generate full club head speed into the back of the ball. So utilize those three extra tips there, nice high tee peg, plenty of commitment, but stay nice and relaxed. And that should lead to the longest and straightest drives you've ever hit.