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Video Transcript

During the down swing there are a lot of different movements that players need to get in combination working correctly to produce the best results, now with this tip there is a kind of couple of movements that we need to try and kind of work in together to get the most consistent and the most powerful results. The first one is firing this left side, into the ball and then the next one, is extending and chasing the club down towards the target. Now as you’re swinging through the ball, you could be moving, if you’re a better player with 100 miles an hour, if you’re a little bit weaker or senior, it could be going a lot less more like 60 miles an hour.

Either of these is still a very fast movement through the ball, so it’s quite hard to kind of split it to different movements, so it is quite hard to feel the differences. But just placing these couple of drills, you can definitely get that feeling a little bit better and definitely get those feelings implemented a lot quicker into your game. The first one about kind of firing this left side, that means as you’re coming into the ball, the hips rotating through, firing into the ball and turning towards the target, from the top of the swing, is that left side firing through, those hips turning and coming into impact, getting the hips facing towards the target. If you get the hips firing correctly at so much more power to the shot, so much more power to the swing.

Now if we only have power and no accuracy, it’s pointless, we need to get the combination the same -- the combination working together to produce the best results, and the way we can do that is by firing that left side there and then getting the club chasing down the target. At this point here, the left arm on the club should be pointing straight down towards the target. It should be shaking hands with the target. So as you swing through, firing that left side, firing that left hip, left arm comes through, at this point here your hand should be pointing down towards the target and should be having a feeling that you’re able to shake hands with what you’re aiming at.

Now you can kind of switch it up into two kind of different movements. The first one from the top of the swing with the hip, the – and then through the ball chasing it down the target line. So much an abbreviated follow through when you’re actually doing the drill, it will look a little bit like this. Touch at the top, fire in the left side and then chasing down the target, it’s just in there. So this great little drill you can do, work in those two kind of movements and combination, and if you get it right it will produce the most power and the most consistent ball fly and the straightest ball fly and hopefully the two together will really start to increase the consistency of your game.