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So you join me now in the bunker with a really simple and really effective bunker game. A quick two minute practice before you go out on the golf course with this bunker game will make a big difference to your scores I promise you when you get in the bunker. First thing we're going to do take your club and just push it forwards in a straight line and make a nice big groove in the sand. Then place that groove directly in the center of your feet. Make a nice, nice grip like you would do in a bunker with a slightly open clubface and then settle yourselves to your body weight is nicely 50-50. And the aim of the game now is to take 5 perfectly matching divots just after that line so we want the divot to start on the line and go forwards from the line nothing back behind the line.

So a nice little swing and try and hit down into the divot. As we're walking down the line, we're trying to take 5 divots that look the same size all start exactly on the line and all follow through quite nicely. And you can see that there's my 5 so that's me pass the test first time. What I'm looking for there is nothing that starts behind the line and nothing that doesn't hit any sand at all. And if you can get 5 in a row perfect divot just after the line or starting line finishing just after. We know that if we put a golf ball in that and the ball would be on a situation here around about 2 inches in front of that line. If we hit the line we're going to splash that golf ball out really nicely. Start your bunker practice with the walking the line game and you'll get better contact on all of your bunker shots.