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Video Transcript

To achieve the best results in your goal swing, you need to have a good sequence to your swing. By sequence it means, the body moving in the correct order. Now, in the most successful goal swing it follows the same order, pretty much every time mostly with a few exceptions, because every golfer is unique in their own technique. But it follows pretty much this sequence going back in the sequence, going through the ball as well. Now the first thing you’ll see is the hands actually start to move the clubhead. So the hands start to move the clubhead away. Then comes the arms, then the shoulders begin to rotate, and then as you come to the top of the swing, the torso begins to turn and then finally those hips just rotates slightly on the back swing.

You want to be keeping the hips as still as possible that they will rotate slightly at the top of the swing. Now, on the way down, you reverse it, so it’s gone. Hands, arms, shoulders, torso, hips and all the way down, the best and the most energy efficient sort of sequence, is to start with the right hip, turn those hips, then the torso, then the shoulders, then the arms and finally at the points of impact, the hands come through. So that’s the best sequence to actually [Inaudible] [0:01:44] swing. Easiest way to figure it out is to do lots and lots and lots of slow motion swings; taking it nice and slow. So again the sequence; try hands, arms, shoulders, torso and hips on the way back.

Then all the way through; hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands and end up to the full finish position. Now that’s the best way to practice it and it’s also the most energy efficient way, the most consistent way to actually swing. So having gone with that lots and lots of slow motion swings, give it a goal implementing into your game and the hopefully, fingers crossed, we’ll see a big improvement in how you are using your body in striking the ball.