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Phil Mickelson has to be the world’s most famous left handed golfer and certainly a real firm fans favorite. But I think a lot of the time people like to watch his golf. He’s a nice smiley character and he's a lovely guy, takes time to sign the autographs but people like to watch his golf because it's exciting. You never know what you are going to get, you could get a 350 yard bomb down the middle you could get one onto somebody else fairway and then a shot out to the trees and then a flop shot and then a good hole put. He's an exciting character but exciting doesn’t always lead to good scores Mickelson can sometimes get quite streaky.

On his day he’s capable of knocking it around 65, 66 without breaking a sweat, but sometimes when he’s gouging the ball into the trees and chipping out sideways, if his short game isn’t brilliant and perfect like it normally is, the scores can rack up. And really when you really watch his golf swing it can look a little bit like it could be erratic and may be it looks like an exciting swing. Obviously left handed but I'm going to show you what his golf swing would look like as a right hander.

He swings it back quite high with his hands really reaches up very high but sometimes gets the club quite long and also a little bit quite across the line so it’s a very high backswing slightly across the line. Like say for the left handed I'm showing you as a right hander, then has to work incredibly hard with his legs to get out of his own way to drive his legs out of the way and flick the golf from 3 to a square position. So on his day and timing the ball well brilliant player but sometimes can have a miss that might be too severe.

So if you feel like your swing is nice and straight, nice and long and good on a good day but on a bad day when your timing is not quite right it goes all over the place. Just consider the length of your golf swing and how active and dynamic you are with your bottom half. If you feel that your golf swing gets a little bit too erratic and a too long and you have to jump out of your way with your legs consider making your golf swing shorter, more controlled you might have to reign in your, your, your long shots by 10,20 yards but hopefully you'll rein in your bat shots by 10 or 20 yards as well and keep it a little bit straighter.

So if Mickelson wanted to play straighter, more consistent golf we would encourage a slightly shorter position at the top, still a nice full turn on the way down but just keeping his legs a little bit quieter that should help him find a few more fairways and play maybe a slightly more boring brand of golf but certainly a little bit straighter.