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One thing a lot of golfers are searching for and striving for is to create more distance of the fairway of the tee no matter where you are to create more distance with the clubs that you are using. Now more distance is a fantastic weapon to have in the arsenal. If you kind of set over and drive even though you are going to bomb it out there 250 yards plus it’s only less the whole kind of flow of your game. Your confidence will improve obviously the distance will improve which in turn will make your second shot your third shots into the green a lot easier. Now, there is a lot of different ways of actually increasing power. One way you can do it is to have a stronger grip to create what we call a power release. Now actually as you come through the ball the fore arms rotate away and then cross over each other in this manner through the ball. Not quite that extreme you don’t want them banging in to each other, but as they cross over into this position through the ball into that.

Now that’s called a release through impact and that have a power release using the stronger grip will help. As you put a stronger grip, or want to go for an extremely strong grip with pretty much all four knuckles showing on the top hand and the no knuckle showing on the bottom hand. Your palms want to be facing each other at impact into this kind of position here. Now you notice that close is the clubs face slightly but it will also de-loft the club face. So if you are using lets say 10 ½ degree driver and you use this strong grip to create a power release you will be knocking it down to something like 9 or 80 degree driver when you are coming in to impact. Now that will increase, it won’t increase height, but it will increase overall distance with raw. So using a stronger grip can definitely be an advantage. Now one thing to watch out for when you are using the stronger grip is you need to watch out it doesn’t start to travel too far offline. So if you are a left handed golfer you need to make sure it doesn’t start travelling too far off to the right hand side with a very strong grip.

You can give it a go you can try, but if it does stop flying over in that direction, it might be better switching but to a neutral grip and then trying to find distance in another way. But to create a little bit of a power release is a nice strong grip, setup kind of remains as normal then a nice wide takeaway and really let those forearms cross over through impact. And it just to allow you to have that little more power through the ball is as forearms cross over and you punch the ball out that extra few yards. So give that a go if it doesn’t quite work out there’s no need to persevere, there is no need to kind of really try to implement into your games. But give it a go and if it does give you that extra power it will be a fantastic bonus to pull out on the tee when pressure is on and you really need to bomb it out there.