Video Series

Video Transcript

Here’s a really cracking for you. You’ve been struggling with getting a bit too handsy in your chipping action. We often see that people that thin the ball when they’re chipping or fat the ball by hitting the ground first when they’re chipping. The problem can be that they’re using their hands incorrectly. And sometimes the hands even feel like they’re fighting with each other. The right hand, the left hand arguing for control of the golf club.

So the exercise I’ve got for you here is actually just to take one of your hands after the weight completely and after people look at this and think, “Well, how can you play golf with only one hand? It’s hard enough with 2 hands.” But you do an awful lot of things in life with one hand. You know, you write with one hand, that’s very controlled. You can hit a tennis shot with one hand, that’s fairly controlled and powerful.

So it’s possible to hit golf shots quite nicely and quite a long way with just one hand. The point here is you don’t now have the sort of influence of the other hand to argue and fight. So this is an element where we just going to use the right hand to hit the pitching and chipping shot. And we’re going to encourage you to make sure your right hand doesn’t release the golf club in under fashion, a scooping fashion. And if you can learn how to do this correctly with your right hand, when you bring your left hand into play, the right hand won’t try and fight the left with the wrong movement.

So it’s right hand dance with the bottom of the grip. Handle pointing towards the left hand side and body weight forwards. And it’s a local for the knee high to back swing, and the knee height follow through and in the follow through, we have to check where the right hand has got to, making sure it hasn’t flicked the shaft.

If the shaft is pointing beyond the left side of my body here, I’m probably doing the right thing with my hand. If I’ve scooped and flicked and lifted, and the shaft cups through my body, and now I’ve tried to do the wrong thing.

Just next time you’re on the practice ground, just hit 10 of these little pitch shots. Only 5 or 10 yards just imagine these little bunk in front of you. You’re going to set up. Have your hand forward, little pitch forward is there and I can feel the shaft just runs down the left side of my body. My right hand didn’t released the club in an under motion and I was able to just the ball forwards and hold it there.

Once you’ve done 10 of those, the put your left hand on and still feel that your right hand has the dominant influence but it’s not in under influence. It’s a pressing forwards not releasing the club influence. If you can practice with one hand, you’ll find the game real easy with 2 hands and to stop you fat and thin in your chips. That’s a great one handed exercise for you.