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Video Transcript

So during this next little mini-series of videos, we are going to investigate the issues with the late release and how that can cause problems with your golf swing. And yes you heard me correctly there, the issues with the late release. Now this is the reason I stress that point is that it’s a lot less common to late release than it is to early release. The number of times I give a golf lesson that involves this concept to somebody fishing for the golf ball and early releasing.

So the early release would be too much hand and arm action here, and then scooping the golf ball and getting a poor contact to the back of the ball here. So that’s the early release, the late release is the opposite. So we have this loading of the angle this way, bringing the golf club down. Now we want to release this golf club in this lag angle at a point where we strike the golf ball with a relatively straight arm, hands should be maybe a couple of degrees ahead, just to make sure we take ball turf and get a really nice contact. But the concept of a late release or a release that is too late is someone that hangs on to this angle for too long and hits the golf ball without fully extending and fully releasing the golf club.

Now there is a number of key issues here that are going to be at play. Now one of the issues is going to be loss of distance because that club head isn't fully releasing and fully extending, it’s not fully speeding up, it’s kind of holding back some trapped energy. So potential energy that’s not been released and therefore you might find someone with a late release, not hitting the ball quite as far as they should. You can understand the concept that if the hands are too far in front of the club head impact, they haven’t fully released, the club head doesn’t have enough loft on it. So it’s actually going to be quit a low ball flight, so a lower and shorter than average ball flight. Well more concept might be that the club face doesn’t actually come back square to the golf ball. So if the club face is effectively in an open position, here it’s pointing to the right for the right handed golfer, but then we hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, at this point of impact, the club face pointed too far to the right. So we’ve got short shots, lower shots, and slightly to the rightward shots. Now if that sounds like your game maybe you could be somebody that’s suffering from a release that is too late. So hopefully these next few videos will help explain how and why that’s a problem and how you can correct it.