Volvik Vibe Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Volvik Vibe golf ball retails for $36 a dozen (MSRP) and it's available in white and yellow. With the latest Vibe, Volvik seems to move into the low compression/Tour ball category, following the industry's trend, the Volvik Vibe being the softest multi layer ball featuring a urethane cover in the company's portfolio. This baby boasts a 3 piece design, with a compression rating twenty points or even more below that of regular tour-golf ball,and it's built and designed aiming at helping slower and moderate speed swingers (75 to 95 miles per hours speed swings) to gain additional distance, via the ball's lower spin and softer feel. However, according to their own research, golf players tend to avoid a golf ball that feels too soft, hence the Volvik Vibe is built with a compression rating of 65.

    Long story short, the Volvik Vibe can be described as the definition of a tour-quality urethane golf ball, providing an extremely soft feel, a higher launch trajectory, with a mid high ball flight and excellent performance in the short game. Actually, with the Volvik Vibe, the company believes they have created a urethane ball for pleasing golfers of every skill level. The interesting mixture between the high-grade urethane cover and an ultra-low compression makes this three piece golf ball the perfect soft option for beginners, advanced golfers and tour players alike. Basically, combining a soft-feel off the club with a players ball, the Volvik Vibe makes for an interesting melange of straightness off the tee and distance, and it will fit every golfer type, at an affordable price tag.

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