Wilson Staff DUO Spin Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Wilson Staff DUO Spin golf ball retails for $26,99 a dozen (MSRP) and it features a compression rating of 35, making for the softest multi layer ball in the industry. The Wilson Staff DUO Spin features basically the same characteristics you'll find in the regular Wilson Staff DUO, but with the added benefit of increased green-side spin and added control in the scoring zone. The new Wilson Staff DUO Spin is the definition of unparalleled soft feel, with some short game spin added on top, for pleasing aspiring/ better players. In terms of feel,the Wilson Staff DUO Spin feels almost marshmallow-soft off the putter, but ifyou you hit it with a long club…there's when the fun really begins. Using a wood or an iron, you'll have that feeling like hitting a tennis ball using a baseball bat.Even mishits feel like..crushed.

    In fact, the Wilson Staff DUO Spin and the Wilson Staff DUO feel relatively similar, being virtually identical, I.e. it would be very hard to distinguish between the two, and most golfers will enjoy both of them equally. When it comes to the long game, there's no ball out there as funas the Wilson Staff DUO Spin, being one of the lowest spinning off the tee I've ever played with, and it also generates incredible speed. In terms of short game,the Wilson Staff DUO Spin really takes the stage, being a tad more accurate than the regular DUO, both of them being designed for the short game, with the Spin featuring some added versatility. Bottom line, the Wilson Staff DUO Spin is a great choice for higher handicap golfers focused on more distance, or an excellent cold weather golf ball for better players.

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