Taylormade PROJECT (A) Top Rated GOLF BALL Review
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    The Taylormade PROJECT (A) can be described as a combination between amazing and incredible, being a very peculiar golf ball which will make mid handicappers happy. The newly designed Taylormade PROJECT (A) feels great around the greens and very long off any club in your golf bag, featuring a new and improved/softer core but offering the same exploding distance. Long story short, this baby was created for offering amateur golf players the same levels of short game spin that the pro golfers have, together with a very soft feel. With their latest project, I.e. the Taylormade PROJECT (A), the company managed to bring tour player spin for amateur golf players, and that's nothing short of amazing in my book. In terms of feel, the Taylormade PROJECT (A) feels extremely soft off the putter, as it's built combining a low compression with a urethane cover, producing a solid, quiet thud when hit with a flat stick. Actually,after playing a few rounds with this baby, I find it to be softer than most of the tour balls I've played with recently.

    When it comes to full swing shots, the Taylormade PROJECT (A) also feels easy to compress and very soft. But the main area in which this baby excels is the short game. Here, the Taylormade PROJECT (A) really delivers, spinning the same or even more if compared to basically any tour golf ball I can think of. The spin is consistently high , short game spin being the calling card for the Taylormade PROJECT (A), as this golf ball is able to produce buckets of short game spin, even if you're an average player. In the long game, the Taylormade PROJECT (A) is not the lowestspinning of the bunch off the tee, but very reasonable indeed, while approach shots spin a tad more than the average, pleasing players seeking for more bite on their approach shots. In conclusion, if you're looking for the perfect golf ball in terms of soft feel and short game spin, the Taylormade PROJECT (A) is a match made in Heaven for you.

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