Snell Top Golf Ball Review

    The Snell Top tier golf balls can be defined as legitimate competitors for the legendary ProV1. It's a well known fact that the Titleist ProV1 sets the standard in the golf industry, for quite some time now and almost all manufacturers are trying to keep up with the leader of the pack. Snell golf balls are doing just that, despite the fact that they're a relatively small company, and their R&D department doesn't have those huge budgets to fight with established brands like Titleist. However, the new balls from Snell are designed by the same guy who created the ProV1, the TP Black LDP, the Tour Preferred and so on and so forth. Hence, the new Snell My Tour Ball and Get Sum are his latest creations and they really make for a worthy competitor in a tough and crowded market. The Snell My Tour golf ball can be described as a cheaper and softer ProV1, being as good as it gets, but at a more than reasonable price. You'll absolutely love this golf ball, from tee to green, as it offers pretty good spin levels and a solid and consistent mid high flight.

    Also, it spins great off the wedges and has impressing stopping power. Off the putter face, the Snell My Tour has a soft feel and at $30 a dozen, it makes for a really sweet deal. The Snell Get Sum golf ball is a lower tier piece of golf gear, and also significantly cheaper than its My Tour sibling, featuring a two-piece construction and a Surlyn coating. However, the Snell Get Sum features the same great feel, and it offers more than decent performance, actually more than you'd expect from this type of ball. But the price is a very important factor to consider in this equation, as this baby retails for $20 a dozen, and I bet you'll have a hard time trying to find the same level of performance given the price tag. Bottom line, Snell golf balls are playing in the best bang for the buck category, offering genuine Tour level performance at a very affordable price tag, being an excellent line of golf balls created by a legend in our times and making for a lower priced alternative to the iconic ProV1.