The Srixon Q-STAR PURE WHITE retails for $24,99 (MSRP) a dozen and it's built and designed for golf players seeking premium performance in an all rounder golf ball. And what do you know, Srixon did it again with the brand new Q-Star, creating a decently priced golf ball which comes fully packed with the latest and greatest technologies for delivering you a great combo of accuracy, distance, durability and green side spin. How did they do it, you may ask? Well,the Srixon Q-STAR PURE WHITE is built with Tour proven technology and just like the previous generation, the latest version mitigates the problem of spin using a high-tech chemical coating on the ball's cover, which dramatically improves friction. This patented/proprietary coating technology is called Spin Skin, now in its 2nd reiteration, and it's twenty one percent softer than in the previous gen, allowing the ball to deform more into a groove when it comes to short shots. In the same time, the softer coating manages to improve friction with eighteen percent.

    Basically, the new generation of Srixon Q-STAR PURE WHITE is aimed at mid to high handicap golf players, providing an interesting melange of durability, green-side performance and distance at a decent price tag. To achieve these goals, along with the Spin Skid 2nd gen, the new Srixon Q-STAR PURE WHITE features a bigger and very dynamic gradient growth core,which works in tandem with a brand new speed dimple design for generating increased speed and improving overall distance. The newly designed dimple pattern makes for more surface coverage and more uniformity, contributing to better aerodynamics and making the Srixon Q-STAR PURE WHITE to perform well even in windy conditions, via less drag, being a jack of all trades so to speak.

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