The NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK golf ball retails for $48 (MSRP) a dozen and it's built and designed for promoting faster ball speed and longer drive distance.Basically, this baby is the definition of superb distance, being a tour level piece of golf gear, featuring Nike's proprietary Speed lock Technology, for optimizing the energy transfer, thus promoting distance and speed like no other.The updated NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK ball is basically aimed at golf players seeking for limiting spin levels when it comes to full shots. This baby features a newly designed four piece construction and an updated RZN core, ten percent larger when compared to the previous generation, which works miracles in terms of generating faster ball speeds. The RZN core also features a slightly lower compression, thus promoting a softer feel. In addition to these updates,the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK has a urethane cover with 344 dimples, plus an amazing 13,558 micro-dimples for promoting a more stable flight trajectory and more distance.

    To describe it in a few words, sans the high-tech mambo-jumbo,the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK is the ideal choice for golf players looking for maximizing distance, without sacrificing short game control in the process.Basically, the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK was designed with players like Tony Finau in mind, I.e. tour professionals requiring low spin for improved control and maximum distance. Also, keep in mind that the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK was created as the firmer, longer and lower spinning golf ball, when compared with the Platinum version (Nike launched this year 2 new tour level balls, the Black and the Platinum), but without compromising short game control, and that's absolutely outstanding in my book. The long game is the niche in which the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK really does a wonderful job, the niche it was designed for in the first place, offering an amazingly low spin off the driver and never ballooning in windy conditions. Bottom line, you'll absolutely love hitting the NIKE RZN TOUR BLACK on the golf course, being a must-try if you enjoy a strong trajectory in your long game and great control in the short game.

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