NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum is a top tier golf ball which retails for $48(MSRP) a dozen, making for the ideal choice for high level golfers looking forsolid distance in the long game and maximum spin levels in the short game.Nike achieved that using their best/Tour proven technologies, such as the Speed Lock, the Nike Flight Suit Cover and the next gen RZN core. What's interesting about the NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum is that it was designed and developed in collaboration with Rory McIlroy, the pro golfer. This guy asked the company to build a new ball around last year's RZN model, but to make it softer feeling. And Nike accomplished just that, hitting the golf industry with their best golf ball ever, nothing short of that, believe me folks. Until the latest NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum, feel was the area most people complained about the company's tour level balls, but with this baby hitting the shelves, this issue becomes history. The NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum feels extremely soft off the putter, offering basically the identical click of a Pro V1.

    However, what's even more flabbergasting is that the NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum feels even softer off a wedge! If you're that kind of golf player who is looking to back up or stop every shot, you'll absolutely love the NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum in the short game. As far as the long game is concerned, take a load of this: this baby spins a lot when using wedges, but very little, close to zero actually with a driver. Long story short, the NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum will permit you to bomb drives, making fora sweet combination of low spin in the long game and high spin in the short game, providing the ultimate feel in the process. If you've never considered a Nike golf ball until now, well, my advice is to seriously look at the NIKE RZN TOUR Platinum in the future, you don't know what you're missing!

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