Callaway New Superhot 55 Top Rated Golf Ball Review
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    The Callaway New Superhot 55 golf ball retails for $27.99 (MSRP) a dozen and it's part of the latest generation of extra soft and premium pieces of golf gear,aimed at pleasing a wide variety of golf players, ranging from Tour professionals to high handicappers alike. So, what's new about the Callaway Superhot 55 golf ball? Well, this baby features a new design and a new three piece built, together with a very soft 55 overall compression, for delivering amazing distance and an extremely soft feel, regardless which club in your golf-bag you're using. Also, the Callaway Superhot 55 comes with a soft mantle layer and the proprietary/patented Surlyn coating, both working in tandem for reducing slices and hooks, together with promoting lower spin rates, hence increasing overall distance.

    Also, the new and improved soft cover dramatically improves short game performance around the greens. Basically, the Callaway Superhot 55 is totally focused on soft feel and increased yardage, shot after shot, round after round. Using the new Callaway Superhot 55, you'll discover a longer and straighter ball flight compared to the previous generation, together with the obvious advantages offered by the ball's low compression and its extremely soft feel. The soft core combines with the surlyin coating and the mantle layer, for producing a very low spinning golf ball, but without compromising distance nor ball speed in the process. To aid with the latter, the new Callaway Superhot 55 benefits from the company's long standing and patented HEX aerodynamics, a high-tech design feature that works by promoting optimal lift and low drag, thus managing to keep the ball up in the air for longer.

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