Jack NicklausTop Golf Ball Review

    The Jack Nicklaus golf balls are an interesting option to consider if you're looking for top of the line performance at an affordable price. Even if these babies are performance minded, you'll not have to break the bank for getting them, hence they're the best of both worlds in my book. There are three version to choose from: The Jack Nicklaus white, retailing for $28/dozen (MSRP), aimed at golfers playing from the forward tees, the Jack Nicklaus blue, retailing also for $28/dozen (MSRP), which are aimed at golfers playing from the middle tees and, last but not least, the Jack Nicklaus black, retailing for $32/dozen (MSRP), aimed at golfers playing from the back tees. As you can see, the company has something to offer for every type of golfer out there, and, on top of that, if you're buying any version, you'll end up with an awesome golf ball and you'll also contribute to a better cause, as you'll donate to the Jack Nicklaus Children's Health Foundation.

    Now, the differences (tech specs) between the three versions are minimal, and based on what I've discovered after test driving these babies on the golf course, I'd have to say that the Jack Nicklaus Black is very similar in terms of feel and performance to the Titleist ProV1, the Jack Nicklaus Blue feels very much so like a NXT Tour, while the Jack Nicklaus White can be compared to the DT Solo, provided you know what I am talking about, i.e. you played these golf balls before. On the golf course, all three versions were really impressive performance wise, as the Jack Nicklaus Black, the “top tier” is at least as good as any high-end golf ball in the industry. The feel and the spin rates were top notch, really on par with any high-end urethane ball out there, offering a mid launch off the driver and loads of spin off the wedges. The same pleasant soft feel was there both off the putter and on all clubs throughout the bag and the cover was very durable. The Jack Nicklaus blue is more about distance off the tee and bottom line, regardless of what model you're going to choose, it will definitely be a win-win situation: you'll get an awesome golf ball and you'll contribute to a good cause.