Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow and Black Top Rated Golf Ball Review
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    The Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis golf ball is available in yellow and black and it retails for $39,99 a dozen (MSRP).If you're a big fan of the original New Chrome Soft, you'll definitely enjoy playing your favorite game using the Truvis variety, which can be described as a top-tier performer, with an extremely soft feel, offering great distance off the tee and excellent performance around the greens, together with enhanced visibility.Because that's what Truvis is all about: better optics via a specially designed color scheme, which looks very similar to a tiny soccer ball. If you're having second thoughts about the looks, don't worry. The Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis already seen some action, being used by Tom Watson at 2016 Masters. If the Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis is good enough for Tom Watson, it should be good enough for you, don't you think? The overall performance of the Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis comes from its newly designed and engineered four-piece construction, which works together with the company's latest and greatest patented technologies, for offering you, the player, the ultimate golf ball in terms of spin rates, speed and overall feel.

    Needless to say,the Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis is built for providing you with Tourproven performance and an exceptional soft feel. On top of that, the Truvis pattern works miracles in terms of maximizing your view of the ball, regardless the weather/turf conditions. The Dual Soft Fast Core together with the four-piece construction is focused at optimizing spin rates and increasing ball speed, for maximizing overall performance through the bag. Also, this baby benefits from an interesting melange of design features, which include a low overall compression, a Tour urethane coating and improved HEX aerodynamics,translating into outstanding control, more spin and an amazing feel for aggressive shots when around the green, faster ball speeds than ever before and optimized launching conditions off the tee. Long story short, if you're seeking for a decently priced high-performance golf ball that provides you with the ultimate performance through the bag, look no further than the Callaway New Chrome Soft Truvis!

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