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Subject: Re: Wrist Hinge Golf Tip Lesson?

Hi guys. Re wrist hinge – Yes I agree re the steep swing angle, however if you don't hinge your wrists enough, then you can lost power you achieve from the `lag' effect on the way down. I suffered from lack of wrist hinge and cupping at the bottom as a result for years. I have since reduced my handicap to 3 since `letting the club do the work' on the way down instead of a massive shoulder and hip thrust. A reference point I use is trying to point the butt of the club to the ground whammy arms are parallel and fully extended on the way back. This has helped me greatly in keeping the club in the right position in front of my chest and not being left `behind'. You only need to look at Phil Michelson's wrist hinge and you can see what it can do for lag and power on the way down. Keep the lessons flowing – they are great and have helped me a lot over the years.

Regards, Matt W