Review Goolf Thanks

Name: Karl S

Email: karl.

Site Review: I've been regularly coming to this site for about 6 months now
and every time I do it's like have my own personal lesson. I've been
playing golf for around 4 years now and have a regular lessons every six
weeks. However,being 18 handicap my game tends to go astray a lot of the
time and being able to access 'Golf Info Guide' always restore my faith,
confidence and love for the game. The video's are always so absorbing and well explained. Having the transcript below the video is a nice touch. There
is always the exact video I'm looking for beit 'how to create lag in my
downswing' or 'building confidence in my take away' all the information I
need is on the site ready for me digest and take to the range/course. I tend
to shy away from the monthly magazines as every month there seems to be a
different pro's take on “how to set up to the ball” or “produce extra
power with my driver” which can be very confusing and difficult take on
board. With Golf-Info-Guide there is no deviation from the fundamentals!
Thank god for Golf-Info-Guide. Please, please keep up the good work and
congratulations to everyone involved in the site.