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Why Is A One Piece Takeaway Important To My Golf Swing?The one piece takeaway is important for golfers because it keeps the various body parts moving as one unit and in harmony.

A one piece takeaway can set the swing off to the best possible start and is relatively easy to accomplish. The best way to think about the one piece takeaway is to move the hands, arms, shoulders and body away from the ball as one unit. This means that they move at the same time without any part breaking down. The advantage of this technique is that the body and club are more controllable because the golfer uses the bigger muscles to driver the swing.

Follow this guide and use these thoughts to groove a one-piece takeaway.

  • When gripping the club at address, try to keep the hands relaxed and tension free. Employing a tight grip will increase tension in the hands and arms which could restrict movement during the back swing
  • The first initial thoughts about the back swing should be low and slow. This means the club should be taken away from the ball very low to the ground, only rising when physics demands. Keeping the tempo slow should help this
  • The arms and chest relationship play a major role in achieving a one-piece takeaway. During the takeaway, both arms should be extending away from the ball and the sternum should point down towards the hands. This synchronization of the body and arms keeps everything moving away as one unit
  • As the club shaft reaches parallel to the ground, the left arm should still be extended
  • At this point, the one piece takeaway is complete with the arms and body still connected. The shoulders should have rotated around as a result

A one piece takeaway can be very important to golfers looking for a better way to start the swing.

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A one piece takeaway can only indirectly help accuracy. This is because although the hands, arms and body will work together better, the club face can still close or open to the target. To encourage more accurate shots, the club face position should be analyzed.

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It is perfectly possible for a golfer to develop a fantastic one piece takeaway yet lack any tempo whatsoever! These two things can be linked together and worked on at the same time but will not automatically lead on from each other.

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Starting the swing with a one piece movement certainly engages the shoulders and body rotation better which could lead to gains in power. However, without a solid hip turn through the ball there is no guarantee of more power.