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Correct Golf Answer To control the length of shot

When broken down, good golf depends on two things; correct line and length of shots.

The line of shots is the direction of travel which a ball takes when struck. The length is the distance that the ball travels. When these two things are working well together then the ball is destined to finish close to the target.

Distance control is arguably the more important of the two as good judgement of length will put a golfer within striking range of their target even if they are slightly offline. Distance control is dependent on swing length, speed of swing and consistency of strike. The swing length and speed are linked as a longer swing will create more power. The consistency of strike depends on a number of different impact factors. Swing length can be controlled and practiced in a number of different ways but probably the most commonly practiced is the clock face method.

Imagine you are standing in a golf posture with a large circular clock face looping vertically around the body. As you look down, the number 6 is directly below you whilst 12 is directly above. Holding the club, swing it back until the left arm points at 9; this is your half swing. When the left arm is swung to 10.30 this is your three quarters swing and when the left arm points directly up at 12, this is a full swing. Swing speed can be controlled by moving the club the same length back and through to the corresponding number on the clock (9 till 3 for example). These swing lengths back and through will steadily build up the swing speed adding power and distance.

Good distance control, linked with good line, is the bedrock of shooting low scores.

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Good distance control will allow golfers to attack more pins with confidence. However, it can also be used to hit balls more safely into the centre of greens and away from trouble.

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A rough understanding of the distance your clubs go is not a bad thing but golfers would be better served knowing exact distances. Practice at your range hitting shots with different swing lengths and pacing out results, or use launch monitor technology if you are lucky enough to have access to such devices!

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Good distance control should help players land the ball at about the correct distance to their target. It will not, however, help with accuracy. This requires another set of swing changes and thoughts.