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Why Do I Hit My Golf Drives From The Toe Of The ClubEvery golfer has their bad shot or the strike they just hate to hit and a toe strike can make you feel as though the club has moved in your hands and leaves the shot feeling very weak.

This is because the toe is the weakest point of the club as it has less stability supporting it so when strikes occur, you will always feel a slight twisting unlike the heel which is close to the shaft where you will feel more of a vibration.

Toe strikes mainly occur from in to out swing paths where the hands come closer to the body on the down swing and can move the ball from the middle of the club face where it started, to the toe of the club face where it does not want to be.

Toe strikes can also occur when the club is approaching the ball from an out to in swing path but it will take a severe path to bring the club close enough to the body in order to hit the toe. This will create an extremely weakened strike and loss of distance.

To prevent toe strikes or to make yourself more aware of them, you should put face tape on the club so you can see exactly where each shot has hit and work on trying to get the ball marks away from the toe. It might be as simple as standing closer to the ball or feeling as though your arms are pushing through impact more to maintain the face angle and swing path.

If the toe strikes are caused by the swing path being too much from an in to out path then work on straightening up the path and even encourage an out to in path to counteract the issues to make the strikes more centred.

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Toe strikes are more accustomed to hitting hooked shots from right to left. The ball can be hit right but it would need to be off the very edge of the club unless the swing path is severely in to out and pushes the ball right off the toe but it will not slice.

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Toe strikes are capable of hitting those shots that leave the club face fast with a low hook adding a lot of roll once it hits the ground, however, this will not send the ball further.

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Toe shots will occur because of the swing path and the relationship of the arms and weight distribution. The ball position will not have a direct effect on making it come from the toe but the ball position could impact on the shot shape.