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Why Do I Hit My Lob Wedge So BadlyThe Lob wedge is a high lofted wedge with between 58 and 64 degrees. This high loft on the club face assists in launching the ball high, only travels a short distance and stops quickly upon landing.

With the lob wedge, you are making a swing which feels like you are hitting the ball relatively far but the loft on the club face offsets the club head speed resulting in a low energy transfer of the clubs speed in relation to the ball speed produced.

Most poor wedge shots are caused due to a poor strike. This poor strike is usually down to the club heads low point being inconsistent. The club will either hit the ground before the ball resulting in a fat shot, or the club will strike the golf ball with the leading edge, resulting in a thinned shot.

So how do you hit effective shots with the lob wedge? You need to address the shot with the ball position around the centre of the stance. Your weight should be favoring your target side leg with 60-70% favoring this side. During the swing, your head should remain centred on the shot, resulting in a slightly descending blow on the ball at impact.

A lot of players know the lob wedge is designed to fly high, and you may see many players trying to the help the ball in the air by hanging back on their rear leg....a recipe for disaster! Keep the weight forward and let the loft of the lob wedge do its job and elevate the ball up in the air.

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Many players try to lean back to elevate the ball in the air. This is only an instinct of trying to lift the ball in the air as we know the lob wedge should be hit high. The problem with leaning back is that it encourages the clubs low point to be behind the ball which will result in shots being hit heavy or thin. Keep your weight forward and let the loft of the wedge do the work.

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If we strike the ground before the ball, the ball will only travel a short distance. The only time we would advise striking the ground before the golf ball is in a greenside bunker. From any other lie, try to make a ball then turf contact in order to control the distance and flight of the shot.

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When playing a standard shot with a lob wedge, you dont need to add any wrist action to help the ball get airborne. There is plenty of loft on the club face to launch the ball high and land it softly on the green. The only time you would want to add a little wrist action would be to play a high lob shot or bunker shot.