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Why Do I Always Miss Extra Wide Golf FairwaysHitting fairways is a vital aspect of playing golf but fairways come in varied widths and sometimes complacency can set in when an extra wide fairway presents itself.

Many players will really focus the mind on narrow, tough to hit fairways because they know that if they miss, the punishment could possibly be as extreme as a lost ball, out of bounds or finding a hazard which can lead to a bogey or worse. Thinking back, you will feel as though you have played well on those tough to hit fairways, however, the wider fairways with less trouble surrounding them actually turn out to be difficult to hit because you will try and wind up a shot with extra distance and power. The extra speed you put on the club will increase the power but also can sacrifice the control and therefore makes hitting the fairway more difficult.

Regardless of the shot in hand, whether it is a two foot putt or a drive over a 200 yard hazard, the shot must receive your full attention and most of all, respect. Every golfer should have a pre-shot routine, especially when lining up to hit the driver. Finding the centre of the fairway should be purpose behind every drive unless the hole has a dog leg and as a skilled player you want to get close to the corner.

During the pre-shot routine, you should pick out the smallest target possible in the distance, whether it is a leaf on a tree, or even a blade of grass. This focus on such small targets will enable you to feel the fairway is smaller and further respect the shot in hand and not attempt to wind up a bigger, more aggressive swing but instead focus on hitting the fairway and allowing a good connection with the ball which will encourage distance.

During your next round of golf, notice if you have a pre-shot routine because it could be an unconscious but effective one. If you do not, then your next port of call is to go to the range and develp one. It keeps your preparation as consistent as your swing for better, long lasting results.

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Every player is responsible at some point or another for stepping on to that tee box, seeing a wide fairway and giving it that little bit extra to force more distance. However, that little bit extra sacrifices your swings control and contributes to you missing fairways and getting in trouble.

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Extra wide fairways can be 30 yards or more and to miss this would suggest a severe lack of technique, timing and ball striking. This is something that should be worked on at the driving range to help keep the ball in play and therefore avoid danger as often as possible from the tee.

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The quality of your equipment will not have a direct influence on missing extra wide fairways.