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Why Do I Fall Off Balance After My Golf Shots?If you are falling off balance after you have played a golf shot, it is because your head is not stable and centred enough during your golf swing. As a result of this, your weight will be too much on your heels, too much on your toes, too much on your left foot, too much on your right foot, depending on how your head is moving during the swing.

Balance is absolutely crucial as you swing your golf club, as if you are moving towards the ball, or away from it, over to the left of the ball, or to the right of it, it makes getting the club head back to the ball and striking from the centre of the club face extremely difficult to achieve and very difficult to achieve consistently. You need to strike the ball from the centre of the club face, if you are going to hit the ball well.

To maintain balance it is really important that you have a very central head position, over the golf ball, throughout your golf swing. All the movement that happens in your swing happens below this centred head position and if you stabilize your head and rotate underneath this, so that your head maintains its position, it does not lift up and it does not drop down, it does not move forward, back, left or right. It will allow you to keep your weight much more between both of your feet and evenly distributed and this will allow your weight to move correctly through the swing so that you maintain your balance as you swing.

If you are struggling to hold your balance, a good drill to do is to hit your shots and then work on holding your finish position, counting three seconds after you have achieved that position. Work on hitting the shot and then seeing if you can hold your follow through for a good three second count afterwards.

If you are finding that really difficult, a terrific drill to work on to promote an improvement in your balance, is to swing with your feet together. Set up as though you are going to hit a normal shot. Then place your feet together so that they are opposite the ball and swing back and swing through, working on keeping your balance as you swing. This will make the base of your swing much narrower than it usually is and if your head does move to the right, or left, forwards or back, it will exaggerate your position because your weight will be further off centre. Because your feet are together and you have got a very narrow base, you will basically topple over and it will show the balance issue even more.

Work on keeping your feet together and maintaining the balance throughout your swing. You can still rotate to the right and then to the left as you swing through, if you are a right handed golfer, but you must maintain a more stable head position. If you work on this drill, you should find that your balance really improves and that you are hitting much better golf shots, seeing an increase in accuracy and consistency in your game.

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A wider stance will often create a more stable platform as long as it does not induce a swaying body action.

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To maintain balance during the golf swing you should allow your body weight to move freely as remaining still will create too much resistance and will result in a lack of power.

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It does not matter how fast you are swinging the golf club if you have balance throughout your swing. In fact, the faster the club head travels, the further you will hit the golf ball. The key is to having balance as you swing, no matter what speed this is done at, as then the club head will strike the ball well.