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What Should I Work On To Improve My Consistency?Inconsistency in your golf is a product of not striking the golf ball from the centre of the club face. Striking from the sweet spot, the very centre of the club face, produces maximum length, accuracy and trajectory to your golf shots.

Being able to strike repeatedly from the centre of the club face, time and time again throughout your round, will produce consistency with your shots, as the length, accuracy and trajectory produced will be repeated.

To strike more consistently from the centre of the golf club, initially work on the tempo or rhythm of your swing. If you alter the speed that you swing at, it becomes more difficult to strike well as you are sometimes swinging quickly and then sometimes swinging more slowly. Swinging the club too quickly in an attempt to produce power and distance results in you being off balance during your swing. Good balance is crucial if you are going to produce consistency. Learn to swing at a comfortable tempo and rhythm that allows you to maintain your balance throughout the swing.

Work on making your golf swing and then holding your finish position for at least three seconds. If you can hold your finish position for three seconds or more you have balance and if you watch all of todays leading Tour Players, they all hold their finish with balance until the ball has stopped moving. To improve your consistency, work on achieving a balanced finish position following every shot.

Once you are able to do this, work on striking the golf ball from the centre of the club face with every shot. You can use face tape to help you with this exercise. Just place the sticker on the club face and when you strike, it will leave an impact mark where the face struck the ball. Work on striking from the centre of the face. But when you have hit the ball, before you look at where the mark is, try to feel where the contact was made. Imagine where you will see the mark when you look. With practice at this you will be able to correctly call where the mark was made. You can then adjust to get the mark more centred.

For example, if the mark is being made closer to the heel of the club face, then move slightly further away from the ball when you play your next shot. Conversely, if the mark is towards the toe, move slightly closer. This will help you to repeatedly achieve a more consistent set up position and from this you will make a more consistent swing and strike the ball more consistently from the centre of the club face.

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If you are seeking consistency in your golf then just swinging the golf club faster will not produce this. The faster you swing the club, the more likely you are to be off balance as you strike and being off balance will produce an off centre strike from the club face. Work on achieving a better tempo with your swing that allows you to swing with control and produce shots from the centre of the face.

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If you are looking for improved consistency then your preparation before you swing is crucial. Having a repetitive pre-shot routine will allow you to consistently create a good address position to make your swing from. Use an effective routine prior to every golf shot.

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It may feel like you are going to hit the ball further the more you swing the club around and behind you, but in making such a long back swing, your body will begin to make additional movement that is not necessary. To become more consistent, make your swing more compact. Remove any excess movement from your swing and this will result in less compensatory and additional movements that lead to inconsistency.