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What Should My Body Weight Do During My Golf Back Swing And Down Swing?The golf swing is like many other hitting sports when it comes to the way the body should move.

First of all, the body weight should be split evenly between the two feet at address, assuming the shot being played is a full one. From this point, the club is taken away moving on a long wide arc away from the ball. As the club extends so do the arms and the shoulders and torso also begin to rotate.

As this occurs, the weight should move back slightly to the right foot. The sensation golfers want to feel is that the pressure is moving onto the inside of the right knee. Although the weight will shift slightly onto the right side, the head wants to stay central. Golfers should feel like they are turning around this fixed point. Shifting lots of weight onto the right foot and swaying the whole body is not necessary and should be avoided.

At the top of the back swing, golfers should feel as though 60% of their weight is coiled onto the right side ready to launch into the ball. As the through swing begins to unwind and the hips begin to rotate, the weight should transfer towards the target until at the point of impact, 60% is on the left leg. After impact and as the club extends towards the target the hips will continue to rotate and the body weight should shift completely onto the left side.

At the end of the follow through, the eyes, chest and belt buckle should all point towards the target, the body weight should be balanced on the left leg and the right toe should be point down.

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Golfers want to feel like their spine angle stays tilted over the ball throughout the swing and the weight doesnt lift up and back onto the heels. This will cause inconsistent ball striking and most likely thinned shots.

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Dipping the weight down and onto the toes can be very destructive as it brings the body closer to the ball and could cause heavy shots. Keep the chest high and spine angle constant as the body weight transfers back and through.

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Deliberately keeping the body weight from transferring from foot to foot can cause a number of problems. Mainly it will turn the swing into a hands and arms dominated motion. The weight shift is similar to many sporting techniques, even simple ones like throwing a ball.