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What Is The Perfect Golf Impact Position For Clean, Crisp Golf Wedge ShotsThe impact position on any golf shot is the most important position during the swing. Impact is the moment of truth as the golf ball responds to the impact position.

The ball flies according to the alignment of the face and the direction the club head is travelling in. In order to hit precise clean, crisp wedge shots, you are required to make clean, crisp contact on the ball at impact. To do this, you must have your weight favoring your lead leg, with the handle slightly leading the club head. This impact position is similar to how you address the ball when playing a wedge shot, with the ball central in the stance, weight forward, handle forward, with the only difference being the weight moves a touch more forward and the body is slightly more open at impact.

Poor wedge shots are usually caused from the weight being too far back on the trail leg at impact. With the weight back, you are setting your low point of the swing behind the ball. If the ground is hit before the ball....that dreaded duff into your favourite bunker in front of the green! The other main cause of poor wedge contact is letting the club head overtake the hands at impact. This instability in the wrists leads to inconsistent strikes and usually fat and thin contact.

Keep your weight forward, handle forward and turn down and through the shot to hit those clean, crisp wedge shots next to the hole.

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During any golf shot, you want the weight progressively moving more towards your lead leg during the swing. If at any time the weight reverses and moves backwards away from the target, you are also moving the low point of the swing behind the ball. Low point behind the ball and also having the handle leading back will lead to both heavy and thin strikes, not ideal for hitting those clean, crisp wedge shots.

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To hit clean, crisp wedge shots, you want your lead wrist to be flat at impact with the right wrist slightly bent in order to have the handle leading the club head at impact. If you let the lead wrist cup or bend, you are flicking the club head past the handle which will result in inconsistent distance control and inconsistent strikes. Flicking the club head at impact is very difficult to control.

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During the wedge shot, you want to keep your body angles established in the set up close to constant in order to achieve consistency with your strike at impact. If you lift your head too early to see where the ball has gone, you will likely raise your head and thin the ball or even miss the ball entirely. Keep your head height level and hit those clean, crisp wedge shots.